Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hello Everyone,

my name is Safi and decided to create a game on my own and blog the development process.

I have an almost complete ("wished to have") game design in my head but I rather choose not to tell it. :) I'd like to reveal it step-by-step in form of different features and small milestones encapsulated in separate posts.

It's worth to note that I didn't meant this blog as a tech. tutorial or similar rather I will concentrate more on concepts, decisions and on presenting screenshots and video sneak peeks where possible.

Therefore while discussing features or anything game-related I will expect that the reader is already:
  • familiar with XNA and has written at
    least some basic 3D applications with it
  • familiar with HLSL, knows what vertex and pixel shaders are for and has written at least some basic shaders e.g. basic per vertex/pixel lighting
  • familiar with linear algebra, e.g. knows what a vector or matrix is and what their different operations correspond in 3D space
  • in possession of rudimentary rendering knowledge and has at least a hint about things like:
    • draw primitive
    • vertex
    • normal vector
    • texture co-ordinate
    • light source
    • main transformation matrices (world, view, projection)
    • spaces (e.g. world, view, object, tangent, screen)
    • z-buffer
    • alpha blending

I'm already excited about the journey we are about to have and hope it won't take much to have my first post. :)

See U there!

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